Partners tasks


The project promoter will be in charge of the management and coordination of the project, All partners will be in charge of supporting the project promoter in the organizational management and coordination of activities and project’ results.

Croatian Partner will be in charge of the website and social media profiles of the project

CIPFP Mislata will be in charge of quality evaluation.

Romanian partner will be in charge of the dissemination

IES Abastos will be in charge of sustainability of the project results.

Italian partner will be in charge of organizing the short term staff training event

Portuguese partner will be in charge of organizing the sort tem exchange of students


For the development of the teachers guide:

IES LLuis Simarro will develop the first chapter – The organization of a educational HACKATHONS

CIPFP Mislata will develop the second chapter -Use of new methodologies and tools (Collaborative learning, practical learning, gamification, flipped classroom…)

Srednja skola Dugo Selo will develop the third chapter- ESTEAME, IT and Open data challenges

ITIS Q. Sella will develop the fourth chapter- Learning of content based on hands-on experiences

Colegiul National Unirea will develop the fifth chapter- Methodology for teaching ESTEAME in VET schools using HACKATHONS to involve VET students in the learning process, to develop transversal skills (i.e., creativity, innovative and critical thinking, problem solving, team working, resilience, self-confidence, etc.) and green skills for the ecological transition integrating women and promote gender equality in ESTEAME subjects

AEP will develop the sixth chapter- From competition to cooperation. Effective organization of local, regional, national and transnational cooperation to promote the ESTEAME

Knowledge and will make the profeed of the guide

IES Abastos will be in charge of the interim and final Project report and will support all the institutions in the organization of national hackathons