M1. Croatia– the KOM will be held by month 2 – partners will meet with icebreakers and introductions for those who have not met before. The work plan (A1) and transnational

partnership agreement (A2) will have been distributed prior to the meeting and will be discussed and agreed at the meeting.

Following the KOM,The following 3 meetings will be organised to monitor the project achievements, the consistency of the results produced with the initial expectations, the planning of future activities and deadlines and for addressing and solving possible issues and taking consequent appropriate decisions.

The meetings will use the following model.:

Day 1: partners will attend the project meeting to work through the standing agenda of project items. Each partner will be asked to present their work since the last meeting and

progress against the work plan will be discussed.

Each meeting will plan dissemination activities and prepare an e-bulletin update or a newsletter to be circulated post meeting even the meeting minutes will be shared to all the partnership



Day 2: Partners will:

– follow-up on any matters outstanding from day one.

– meet with the local consultation panel and/or visit an organisation that is relevant to the project’s activities

M2 Spain (Month 7) – review of the teachers’ guide, learning community, prepare the short term staff training event.

M3 Italy (Month 14) – Prepare the national and EU HACKATHONS.

M4 Romania (Month 23)- Final conclusions, revisions of the results and final conference .