The blended mobility of VET learners (EU HACKATHONS) will be hosted by ITIS QSELLA in Italy . Thanks to the complementary and diversity of competences and expertise, the whole partnership will contribute to the design and preparation of the programme, as well as to leading separate sessions, in order to maximize the impact on each partner and to ensure a collaborative working approach.


All the participants will be VET students accompanied by two VET teachers

After the national HACKATHONS, the winning team of 5-VET students from each country will participate in the EU HACKATHONS in Italy. This students will be accompanied by 2


During the EU HACKATHONS the VET students will collaborate in international teams. 7 teams will be created with 5 students of different nationalities always motorized by teachers.

During the five days students will collaborate to solve different challenges in ESTEAM for example: to examine adaptation projects and systems and adapt specific technologies that

help stabilize or improve the Earth’s climate or eliminate the processes that cause global warming.

The PROGRAM will be structured as follows:


DAY 1 – Presentations and conferences

Welcome of the participants and opening EU HACKATHONS

Ice breaking activities

Conference on collaborative learning

Team building activities to establish collaborative environments

Conference on how to use open data to ameliorate climate change

DAY 2 – Conference and study visit

Conference on big data analysis techniques and machine learning

Visit to arduino Factory

DAY 3– Hackathons day

Presentation of the challenges to solve

Creation of the groups

Distribution of the challenges

Working on the solutions of the challenges

DAY 4– Hackathons day

Working on the solutions of the challenges

DAY 5- Presentations

Live demonstrations and presentation of the solutions of the challenges

Selection of the winner challenge


Evaluation of the EU HACKATHON

Cultural visit to Milan

After the EU HACKATHONS the VET students and teachers will receive certificates of the learning outcomes using europass.