TEACHERS TRAINING ACTIVITY – Portugal – 29 sept./3 oct. 2021

The short-term joint staff training event has been organised and hosted by AEP in Portugal . Thanks to the complementary and diversity of competences and expertise, the whole partnership contributed to the design and preparation of the programme, as well as to leading separate sessions, in order to maximize the impact on each partner and to ensure a collaborative working approach.


The participants have beenVET teachers motivated on participating in the project with experience in organizing activities with the students.

The PROGRAM lasted 3 days and has been structured as follows:

DAY 1 – 30 of september 2021

Presentation of the participants

Presentation of the contents of the teachers guide

Presentation on how to use HACKATHONS like an innovative tool to enhance students’ motivation towards the study of ESTEAME subjects, improve their basic and transversal skills, art design and promote gender equality.

Common discussion on how to exploit the contents of the guide

Evaluation of the guide

DAY 2 – 1st of october 2021

Practical session on:

1. The organization of a educational HACKATHONS

2. New methodologies (Collaborative learning, practical learning, gamification, flipped classroom…)

3. Learning of content based on hands-on experiences Common discussion on the Methodology for teaching ESTEAME in VET schools using HACKATHONS to involve VET students in the learning process, to develop transversal skills (i.e., creativity, innovative and critical thinking, problem solving, team working, resilience, self-confidence, etc.) and green skills for the ecological transition integrating women and promote gender equality in ESTEAME subjects.

DAY 3 – 2nd of october 2021

Workshop with enterprises and VET providers in the area.

To share good practices in order to know about other realities in Europe.

Study visit to enterprises and VET providers in the area.

Brainstorming of ideas. VET Teachers will work in international and interdisciplinary teams for the development of of a common portfolio of the experiences (strengths, weakness, ….) in

multidisciplinary groups, the subject will be from competition to cooperation.