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Spain – Real case scenario 1: Eduardo Torregrosa

– Hello. Good Morning. Please Introduce yourself and talk a bit about your work

– Hello. Good Morning. My Name is Edu Torregrosa and I’m Computer programming and system administration teacher at “Dr. LLuis Simarro Lacabra” Technical High School in Xátiva (Valencia, Spain)

– This is my second year working for this School. And besides being a teacher, I create content that is shared in social networks. I have a youtube channel started two years back where I share videos. I began with videos of a programm called GIMP (image manipulation program). Over the time, the channel was likened by watchers which made me upload more content. I’m satisfied on my channel which is growing .

– Which social networks are you present in?
– Now, I’m also present in Facebook. The problem is that I’m not uploading content there. I have plans to upload more content to facebook to reach more people. Essentially I’m focused on youtube which receives maybe one or two videos a week, and try to reply any questions there. I also have a newly created Instagram account which I only put a foto, but will expand it to promote the youtube channel

– Describe how you monitor your profile and reputation in social network
– Well, actually , I don’t really think I monitor my social profile, However I constantly visit my channel to read any questions, problems or doubts. For example, I recall when I uplodaded my first videos I had very few comments, and I was hoping for comments from anyone to try to help and get feedback, but the problem is that when the social network grow too much it becomes very hard to attend so many questions. I remember that I liked a lot to reply everyone, but at this moment I feel it’s impossible to reply to all viewers. One has to choose how to spend the time, either answering questions or creating new content. So, in the end, I like to read comments and suggerences on the one hand. And on the other, It becomes sad that I can’t satisfy them all. Basically I try to read all the comments, work out the best ones as a kind of monitoring

– Could you determine any weak point in your social network and digital profile?
– As a weak point I should be present in more social network, like twitter, instagram and publish more in Facebook as a reinforcement to my youtube channel. But this would require much more time that I think I should use mainly creating content and videos for my channel which is about helping and teaching people to use programs.

– So which social networks would you expand to?
– First, I’d like to expand my facebook page, which only has a profile picture, creating articles or tutorials often, I think Facebook has a wider reach. Also in Instagram to offer a graphic view of my courses or tutorial. Finally, twitter would be interesting.

– Of the main social networks, is there any that you aren’t present and you have reasons not to be?

– Actually this is a suprising question. But now that you ask, I’m thinking of Tik Tok, which is a new social network maybe not suited to me because I find it too childish and does not match the content I like to create, or maybe thinking twice, mmh! I could use it to make short videos with the same helpfull aim of the rest of my videos. I really never thought about avoiding any social network and I think that any major social network has its goodness.

– Do you recommend to monitor the network profile of yourself to all the people? Or maybe you think it’s not needed to know what the opinion of the network is about you?

– Absolutely not. Nowadays, The digital profile is something really important that everybody should take care and take into account at all times. The digital profile is what informs everybody about you in internet, It is what people who doesn’t know you knows about your profile and this is persists in time. So it is possible that anything you comment or do back in time is accessible forever. This also affects content that you regret having shared. Besides It is important to check for your profile frequently. Also, try to reply or engage any discussion the best way possible when you face with undesirable comments from others. Respect always the others but also respect your own opinions and be truthful. Sometimes some people make mean and harmful comments and the reply has to be calm and polite.

– Very well Edu, Thanks a lot for your opinion and I wish your profile expands greatly in internet.
– Thanks to you.

Spain – Real case scenario 2: Sergio Peris

Please, introduce yourself and tell us which is your main activity in Internet.

My name is Sergio Peris and I like to develop web content

Please, describe when, how and why did you make your digital identity

I started in 2016, 4 years back. The very first thing I did was to find a name as a personal signature, and from then on I started to create my web page.

Could you describe in which social media are you present? Why do you use them for?

I have a personal web page. And also accounts on instagram, facebook, linkedin and tweeter. But also github and patreon

Which is your main social network?

My most important social media site is my personal web page, where I publish all my content

Why do you use twitter for?

I use twitter mainly to discover new developments and breakthroughs in web technology

Do you use youtube?

no, I do not take youtube seriously because My activity is about computer programming, and making videos is not as suited as photography or videography would be.

Please, Describe your strategy to maintain and monitoring your digital identity and reputation on the market

I keep up to date in technology trends and publish every web development I do.

Is there any weakness of your social media usage that you would like to point out? Which ones?

I don’t publish my content periodically. And also, I have very few followers in facebook and many of them are not related to the activity of my digital profile.

What would be your next move into new social media? why?

I really don plan to start in other social media because I want to focus and improve the ones that I’m already present and use.

Instagram. How is it important in your activity?

I use instagram to show screenshots or graphics about the content I create.

Do you think it is an ideal social network to do so or it is not suitable?

It is not ideal, but many users make use of instagram to publish their progress, therefore I think It is desirable to follow

Do you use twitter to follow or to have followers?

I use it mainly to follow great influencers in web programming and technology people, as they publish their latest news.

Have you found similar digital identities ?

Yes, there are several and from many countries.

Is your digital identity directly related to your actual job?

Not at this moment, actually

When you first created your digital identity, where you thinking in easing your job career?

My first goal was to learn about web programming and promote my work in the web development community.

About linkedin. How likely is it a social network?

In linkedin you can publish like in other social network, therefore you can give other information about you.

Do you think all the people should have a digital identity and care about it?

Yes, I’d say that every person should have a webpage, and linkedin account to start with, then move on to other preferred social networks.

Do you actively try to avoid conflicts that could harm your digital profile in the internet?

I try to avoid conflics in real life, and therefore also in the digital life, because everything is going to remain permanently and could be bad in the future.

Well Sergio. Thanks very much

Thanks to you

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